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Pure Core

Core, core & more core! This high intensity power flow– detoxifying and cleansing the system, strengthening the body; all while adding cardio into the mix. It increases your metabolism, allows you to burn body fat without losing muscle and increases the flexibility and elasticity of your arteries and veins better than steady-state aerobic exercise.



Pure Yin

The emphasis of this beloved practiced is on stretching fascia, connective tissue, joint capsules ligaments and tendons of the body. The body opens energetically through floor postures held passively for several minutes. Tension is released in the deep layers of connective tissue. Yin is an elixir that you must try.

Pure Sweat and Surrender 


Sweat and Surrender is the perfect yoga class for those looking to find balance. This single hour class combines the best of both worlds; the first half of the class is spent sweating, building heat, deepening your poses, and practicing. The second half is devoted to a slow-paced yin style practice, allowing you to surrender into your hard work and relax into a state of peace and mindfulness. Join us for Sweat and Surrender and find the perfect balance your body and mind needs.

Pure Practice

This class is for the student new to yoga or to the seasoned practitioner. In Pure Flow, you will move through various postures with the option of more advanced variations, depending on your practice level. Props are encouraged to let the body move into asana with more ease. Students can make this class as challenging as they would like, or as restful. (Please check

schedule for the Pure Flow classes that are held in a warmer environment)​.

Pure ReStore

This relaxing practice includes sequences of longer held poses supported fully by props. It is a practice that offers gentle stretching to the muscles, while emphasizing the meditative aspect  of yoga. Appropriate for all levels of practitioners. 


Pure Boxing 

Pure Boxing is a unique yoga experience that offers more than just a yoga class. Combining body weight movements, stretching, and strengthening, this dynamic workout is designed to tap into your inner power and help you reach your fitness goals. Feel the energy and push yourself to new heights with Pure Boxing!

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