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Pure Core


This high intensity power flow invigorates and detoxifies the system, strengthen the body, increases metabolism, and improves flexibility by engaging the muscles of the core. 



Pure Yin

The emphasis of this Pure Yin is on stretching fascia, connective tissue, joint capsules ligaments and tendons of the body. Postures are held passively for several minutes allowing tension to be released in the deep layers of connective tissue. 

Pure Yoga Essentials 


Pure yoga essentials focuses on proper alignment, flexibility, and building strength while cultivating an awareness of linking movement to breath.  Alignment cues are provided throughout the class in order to establish a strong foundation for continued yoga practice. Props are encouraged.

Pure Practice

During Pure Practice students move through various postures with the option of more advanced variations, depending on experience and level of practice. Props are encouraged to let the body move through asanas with greater ease, allowing students to adjust the level of challenge accordingly.

Pure Restore

This relaxing practice includes sequences of longer held poses supported fully by props.Pure Restore offers gentle stretching while emphasizing the meditative aspects of yoga. Appropriate for all levels. 

Acoustic Yoga Fusion

Chill out and restore with this acoustic yoga fusion! Smolder with yin to begin, heat up with an uptempo vinyasa flow and then chill out with series of restorative postures. The combination of a flow practice with yin-inspired stillness and restorative deep relaxation cultivates vitality, harmony and balance in mind and body.


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