Cami Jones

Cami completed her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training at Core Power Yoga. Her classes emphasis simplicity to encourage student success.  She incorporates strength elements to provide a well rounded healing experience. Cami is passionate about how treating people with an abundance of love does just as much for the body as exercise does. 

Christina Schneider-Uleano

Expect a high energy, challenging, fun and kick ass playlist with Christina (aka DancinQueen). Also expect a flowing, challenging and mindful yoga practice focused on breath, and alignment. Students will weave their way through creative transitions while linking breath with movement. Christina will always offer modifications for every(body). 

Lynn Varsell

Lynn's classes welcome practitioners of all levels of experience. Her teaching focuses on anatomical alignment and careful sequencing of poses to encourage a strong, healthy practice and a joyful harmony of mind and body.  Lynn is a certified 200 hr instructor (E-RYT) who draws from her study and practice of the Ashtanga, Iyengar, Hatha & Anusara styles of yoga. 

Christina Casavina

Christina's yoga education runs deep. She  trained  with Seane Corn,  Judith Handson Lasater, Josh Summers,  Ana Forrest and Rolf Gates. Her classes are iyengar/Hatha based, focused on alignment and the breath, with a splash of all the above. Step into Christina's class to open your body, clear your mind, free your soul and let your spirit fly. 

Rosie Moniello

Rosie has certifications with Yogafit,, Lotus Gardens as well as a background in Personal Training. She aims to spread the wealth of knowledge that different movements can offer in an upbeat and personal atmosphere. Warmly welcoming all students, she strongly believes that this versatile practice can transform anyone's body, mind and life.

Josh Kane

Josh has beeen practicing since 2002. He received his 300 hr Bhakti Teacher Training from Raghunath Cappo in Chatham, NY. He also studied at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, CA. Little known fact: He used to play drums in a band called "Uh Huh Her". Check out his adventures on IG @thedrumyogi.